From the desk of the MD

I was brought into the world of spices and aromas at a very young age when I watched my mother with wonder as she prepared delicacies for our extended family on special gatherings. It grew a yearning in me to bring people together by being able to cater and at the same time instill a feeling of happiness and togetherness. A young child’s dream grew and this path led me from learning how to serve to being at the top level of hospitality industry for the past 25 years till present with one of the most prestigious leading cruise lines in the world. A realization dawned on me that time has come now to explore this child’s dream years ago. Thus my dream project Signature slowly shaped into a reality Herewith my wonderful team of friendly staff we aspire to bring the world in to God’s own country thereby introducing various delicacies that I experienced during my voyages around the world. Thus we have tried to bring in a glimpse of that world while maintaining the signature feel of a home away from home. We constantly try to stay ahead of time and hope to redefine customer expectations by refining our services and religiously adhering to premium quality of food which enhances our guests fine dining experience. We are not just an entity but we aspire to be a household name and thus carry on the legacy that my father left us with when he managed his business at his hometown.

Thank you and enjoy our dining experience…


Bon Appetit..!


Signature is a dream that has been molded and nurtured over the years with the sole aim of providing the most premium dining experience which goes beyond par in terms of food quality, diversity in dishes, service offered wherein the whole experience culminates to a combination of fine dining with fun.

Our Mission

Signature aspires to cater to our basic human need of bringing a touch of home away from home. For this, we bring in the freshest incredients and we use freshly ground spices, that brings out the special aroma of love with our mothers showered upon us. Our friendly staff view our patrons as part of our growing family and will ensure you enjoy your fine dining with a pinch of fun, a pot of good memories and a belly full of scrumptious food.

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